The 17th Raj Anand Moot Court Competition
The Problem - 2006

An American inventor 'A' was walking to a bus stand on a road close to the airport where planes were landing. On the said road there was a wide iron grating a few meters ahead of him. The grating was such that one had to make a concerted effort to jump over it in order to get from one side to other.

About 50 meters before the iron grating, he felt a vertical wave similar to a flag fluttering in the breeze traveling down to the street towards a bus stand which was ahead of him. The wave velocity was one meter per sec. which was slightly faster than his walking speed.

In the next instance, he found himself down the street near the corner of the next block. Realizing that he had passed the bus stand, he turned around to see the iron grating approximately 50 meters up the street in front of him because he had no recollection of having jumped across the iron grating nor of having passed the bus stop.

He realized that he had been teleported a distance of 50 meters while moving with the traveling wave. It was obvious that the wave was pulsed because the front edge overtook him, moving with him momentarily and the back edge of the wave left him as he moved on, down the street.

He then looked up but there was only a twin turboprop airplane in the distance crossing above the road while making a shallow descent in order to land at the airport.

It took a number of days for him to figure out what had happened based on a wide range of subjects such as gravitation physics, hyperspace physics, wormhole electromagnetic theory and experimentation, quantum physics and the nature of the human energy field.

He explained the fundamentals as follows:-

- the airplane has an engine on each wing with two propellers rotating out of phase with each other. This generates a gravitational wave, perpendicular to the shafts of the propellers. The gravitational wave traveling in hyperspace is magnified enormously.

- at the beginning of the 20th century, a man's parents were dying of tuberculosis. With their permission, he placed weighing scales on their beds. When each one passed away, each scale registered a drop in mass equal to 0.071 kilograms. This is the mass of the hyperspace energy being which resides in the physical body. Because hyperspace is co-dimensional with our dimension, the energy being interpenetrates the body and controls its movement.

According to his theory, when a turboprop airplane engine has a high rotational speed and a large separation distance between masses, the gravitational wave which is produced is small but not noticed. On the other hand, a gravitational wave traveling in hyperspace is magnified enormously. He further explained that a human being has seven vortices which are aligned along the center line of the body. The vortex transports energy from one dimension to the energy located in hyperspace. The gravitational field has co-relation to the electric field and the magnetic field found in electromagnetism. He explained with reference to "quantum wells" which may be manipulated and referred to the experiments conducted in ancient China where a certain form of breathing known as Chi Kung could be used to levitate the human body over six feet in the air. He talked about the accumulation of negative energy which generates wormholes between two hyperspaces and how body vortices can flow energy from one field to another.

The low density energy fills the body which allows the human body to float upwards like a helium balloon as verified by Chi Kung breathing as well as spinning on a motorized platform known as the Chakra Vortex Accelerator. He spoke about how these principles were used in the first mechanical means to produce anti gravity.

Linking this with hot air vortices created by the jet airplanes, the inventor 'A' applies for a patent with the following claim:-

"A full body teleportation system consisting of:

generating a pulsed gravitational wave which propagates through a magnetic vortex wormhole generator; and generating a wormhole with the magnetic vortex generator whereby the pulsed gravitational wave traverses through the wormhole and enters into hyperspace where the wave is enormously magnified due to the lower speed of light in that dimension." (Please see US Patent Application No. US 2006/0071122 dated 6th April, 2006)

This problem is partly based on an actual patent application being patent application No. US 2006/0071122 filed in USA, and on some hypothetical facts which have been created only for the purpose of this moot court.

The patent was applied in India but opposed by "Sarv Gyan" an Association of Spiritual Leaders who feel that teleportation is a method that Indian swamis, yogis and holy men have used for 5000 years and by assigning the scientific explanation to this wisdom, you cannot create an invention. There are several other arguments against the grant of this patent.

Acharya Sadanand subscribed to a philosophy that if the West could use an ancient wisdom to create inventions, why cannot we do the same and applying these principles, has come out with the basic principles for creation of a machine which can be programmed to teleport humans.

Acharya Sadanand then worked with Winrus Corporation to develop a rudimentary machine.

The Government banned the said machine as being opposed to public interest, safety, ecology, morality etc.

There were appeals and writs filed against both the orders and decisions which on account of the "gravity" of the issues raised were tried by a special Bench. The Bench is concerned with three principal issues:-

a) should 'A' be granted a patent;
b) should the machine of Acharya Sadanand/Winrus Corporation be allowed to be developed;
c) If so, whether the machine of Acharya Sadanand/Winrus Corporation is an infringement of the patent which may be granted to 'A'.

'A' is represented by one side, according to which a patent should be granted to 'A' and the said patent is infringed by Acharya Sadanand/Winrus Corporation.

The opposite side takes a view that neither a patent should be granted as the subject matter is traditional knowledge known to Indian swamis, yogis etc. for a considerable period of time and in any event, the patent could not be infringed since the machine of Acharya Sadanand/Winrus Corporation is a substantial improvement over what was just a concept of 'A'.


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