The 17th Raj Anand Moot Court Competition
The Problem - 1999

KOPIZAM is a developing country with a few natural resources. Its only hope is high technology. The Government of KOPIZAM encourages the development of Computer Sciences as a result of which the youth become quite adept in Computer Technology.

KILPA is a computer scientist from KOPIZAM who targets web sites of the neighbouring country DOOGONE. KILPA corrupts web sites and uses his specialised knowledge and skills in changing their messages to his advantage.

ZOLLO is a well known Online Service Provider (OSP) owned by some engineers of KOPIZAM with whom KILPA enters into a contract so that whenever someone looks for a computer engineer or seeks any other resource from DOOGONE through ZOLLO the Internet user is diverted web sites controlled by KILPA. ZOLLO uses priority indexing, metataging and other technologies to achieve this. ZOLLO also compiles lists of valuable data on DOOGONE from various web sites belonging to public and private undertakings in DOOGONE.

The Government of KOPIZAM not only encourages this but also decides to formalise this arrangement with ZOLLO, the search engine. Over a period of time, the result is a lot of business, which ought to have gone to DOOGONE, actually gets diverted to KOPIZAM. The Government of DOOGONE takes the Government of KOPIZAM to the International Court of Justice.

DOOGONE argues

That KOZIPAM, KILPA and ZOLLO have all colluded to confuse people and divert the business in an unfair way.

KOPIZAM argues

That there are no rules and regulations on the Internet and it is a free for all zone. KOPIZAM further argues that if users do not like the search engine ZOLLO they are free to select other search engines and that even if customers are initially confused, once they reach the site, they know that they are dealing with computer engineers of KOPIZAM and not computer engineers from DOOGONE so that any contracts which are entered into are only entered into after proper verification.