The 17th Raj Anand Moot Court Competition

About Late Mr. Raj Anand

Born in 1938 at New Delhi.

He was educated in Delhi and joined the bar in the year 1961. Just a year before he died he celebrated 30 years of his practice with his colleagues.

His knowledge of his subject was exemplary. But he preferred to practice before the Trademark Registry. His advice to clients and arguments before the tribunal were always precise and to the point. Lengthy letters or arguments were not his style.

A man of great style and charisma, he was very time conscious and would not be late for even a minute for any appointment. Clients also learned about his habit and they did not have to wait for a minute beyond their appointment.

As a person he was very religious and of an embarrassingly generous disposition. He would go out of his way to present his own personal possessions if any one appreciated them. A person who could forgive someone who stole his diamond ring, because he thought that at that particular point of time the thief needed it more than him. Music was his passion - be it western classical or even film music!!

It is true that sometimes his heart ruled his head but he was never impractical.

On the lighter side, he was a great lover of the game of Cricket. One could be sure that the day there was a cricket match our Raj ji would be in his room in front of his television.

To sum up his personality - a gem of a person.